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News Story Structure

The Star Tribune's story about the arrest of two teens involved in the Thursday shooting of a delivery driver was structured well, but certain things could have been done differently.
The first three paragraphs talk about the two teens and when and why they were arrested. The next few paragraphs go on to talk about juvenile crime in the metro area, while the last few paragraphs then describe the incident. Having been the first story I read about it, I was unsure about exactly what went on. The headline mentioned the shooting of the delivery driver, but it was still a bit hard to follow because all of those details were at the end.
The way that the reported ordered the story is a bit strange to me, because the background information comes last.
I did like that the story addressed the problem of crime among teens and has Mayor R.T. Rybak and members of Minneapolis Police Department quoted. It was interesting to me to learn more about the fact that overall crime rates are going down, but incidents involving juveniles seem to have been on the rise. I like how that trend was tied into the story.