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Strategy to help pollution problem in China sees little cooperation

A "No Car Day" planned in many Chinese cities to help the current pollution problem wasn't followed by many in Beijing, according to a report in BBC News Saturday.
Drivers were encouraged to leave their personal cars at home in hopes to lessen the smog. This is in preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Some endurance events may have to be postponed if the pollution has not improved, according to the head of the International Olympic Committee.
Many speculate that the problem, made much worse by the millions who drive each day, will not be fixed with events like "No Car Day." Public transportation needs to be improved and more affordable and more cycle lanes need to be added to roads.
But more vehicles on the road isn't the only problem. The main cause, economic growth, has been great for China. An article in the New York Times said, "China is choking on its own success." This NY Times article is the first in a series examining the impact of China's economic growth.