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Twin Cities Traffic: Normal or not?

According to WCCO's Reality Check , extra travel time is needed to get anywhere in the Twin Cities area. They suggest adding six minutes for a drive that should take 20. Then factor in weather and possible accidents along they way and add eight more minutes. Now a drive that used to take 20 minutes, is estimated to take 34, reported Pat Kessler on Tuesday.
The average Twin Cities driver wastes 43 hours sitting in traffic, according to a new report out Tuesday. That along with other numbers make the metro area the third worst in the nation for traffic congestion among cities with a population between 1 and 3 million. San Diego and Denver are first and second respectively.
Also reported was the time spent on the roads is costing driver's more, $1.1 billion to be exact, in lost time and money. Forty-two million gallons of gas are also burned up as a result of stop and go traffic. But is that the whole truth?
A report on Sept 14 from the Pioneer Press states that most drivers still spend less than half an hour getting to work every morning, whether it be driving a car, riding a bicycle, using public transportation or walking.
The numbers reported by the U.S. Census Bureau state that 66 percent of Twin Cities workers spent 29 minutes or less getting to work in 2006, and one in four reported a commute of 15 minute or less.
The Pioneer Press article does go on to say that those numbers were collected before the collapse of the Interstate 35W bridge. This has had an obvious effect on traffic flow.