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Event coverage analysis

"The Lion King" is coming back to Minneapolis, 10 years after it premiered at the Orpheum Theatre. The Star Tribune reports on the upcoming show and what it was like in 1997.
The sources used in the story were the director Julie Taymor, technical director David Benken and Dave Marietta, operations coordinator and technical director at the Orpheum. Tom Hoch, president of the Hennepin Theatre Trust was also quoted in the story.
I believe the angle in the story was to remember and bring back the feelings during the first time it was on stage in Minneapolis. Specific details about the way the theatre was changed after undergoing a huge renovation three years earlier, the director having surgery and directing from her Barcalounger and how every inch of the Orpheum was turned into a work space. Bringing back these feelings is how the reporter turned this into more than a listing.