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High-ranking priest suspended after admitting he was homosexual

Vatican City officials have confirmed rumors Saturday that a priest has been suspended after appearing on Italian TV, admitting he is homosexual reports BBC News.
The unnamed man works in the department in charge of clergy around the world and is called a monsignor, or senior Vatican official. Chief Vatican spokesman Father Frederico Lombari said he will be suspended until further investigation is completed.
The Vatican usually does not comment on sexual scandal involving priests. This case is being treated as confidential, but Lombari did say that it is clear the priest has clearly acted in a way that does not comply with rules of the Roman Catholic Church.
The monsignor apparently acted ingeniously, allowing TV cameras to film him inside his Vatican office for an investigative program about gay priests. His voice was disguised, but colleagues and friends easily identified him. He said in the interview that although he was homosexual, he did not consider himself to be living in sin. He was only forced to keep quiet about it because of the teachings on the Catholic Church.