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Mother convicted of breaking infant's skull while using him as a weapon

A woman who used her infant as a weapon in a domestic dispute was convicted Wednesday on multiple charges including endangering the welfare of a child, reported the Erie (Penn) Times.
Chytoria Graham, 28, faces a five-year mandatory minimum prison sentence stemming from an Oct. 8, 2006 fight with her boyfriend. During the fight, Graham picked the infant up by his feet and swung him at her boyfriend, Deangelo Troop, 21. The infant's skull was broken and he also suffered brain bleeding and bruising. He has since recovered.
A list of her charges, reported by the AP in the Star Tribune, is aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, simple assault and child endangerment. After she was convicted, Graham fell into the fetal position on the floor. She is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 12. The defense claims they would "take the appropriate steps for appeal."
Graham had originally pleaded guilty in March to aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child, but withdrew her plea in June. While being questioned Wednesday, Graham said she did not remember much about the night of the fight.
Testimony indicates she had spent time at a night club and drank with her cousin for a birthday celebration. Graham returned home around 3 a.m. where Troop had been caring for the infant, Jarron, and three of four Graham's other children. The fight broke out over whether Jarron should be taken to see a doctor about a cough. Graham then began throwing objects at Troop, including Jarron.
The infant and Graham's four other children are now living with Graham's parents.