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Oldest female prison inmate is set to be released soon

A woman thought to be the oldest female inmate in the country is almost finished serving her time, reports WCCO Thursday.
Lucille Keppen, 93, is set to be released Wednesday from the women's prison in Shakopee. She is serving time for shooting a former friend in the back five years ago in a Northeast senior apartment building.
The victim Stephen Flesche, 61, had what was described as a mother-son relationship with Keppen for approximately four years before it turned sour. Keppen seems to have little regret about shooting Flesche in the back in 2002.
When interviewed by WCCO three years ago, she wasn't sure if she would live to see her prison sentence end.
"I can't believe I am going to be going out that door!" said Keppen. "It is going to be so nice to just be by myself -- eat when you're hungry and do things when you feel like it."