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Zebra muscles found in area lakes

Invasive zebra mussels were found in three lakes that are part of St. Paul drinking water system, according to the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press.
The nearly 420,000 people that the system serves should not be worried because the zebra mussels do not affect the quality of the water, said Steve Schneider, general manager for St. Paul Regional Water Services. The company provides water for St. Paul and eight suburbs.
St. Paul Regional Water Services found the zebra mussels while doing routine maintenance at Vadnais Lake. The mussels were also found in Sucker and Pleasant lakes, and the connecting canals.
Although the mussels don't affect drinking water quality, they can cause clogs in pipes which can increase maintenance costs. They can also smother native mussels and lead to a change in the ecosystem.
The zebra mussels were originally found in the Great Lakes thought to be brought from Europe in ships' ballast water. In recent years they spread to the upper part of the Mississippi River and continued to spread. At least 29 water bodies in Minnesota are infested with the exotic zebra mussels.


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