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Former Mankato student dies after celebrating her 21st birthday

A woman died in Mankato after celebrating her 21st birthday with friends, reports the Star Tribune and Mankato's Free Press.
Amanda Jax, a student set to start nursing school this spring, was found dead in an apartment near Minnesota State University Mankato (MSU) early Tuesday. Police said it "appears that alcohol played a significant role in the death of Ms. Jax" after she "became quite intoxicated."
Although Jax's death is definitely a tragedy, police say they expect this sort of thing to happen. Binge drinking is common among college students, and their 21st birthday is no exception.
Everyone knew Jax as a girl who brought energy to every situation. “She was an amazing person. A person everyone loved,? said Dan Regnier, a friend of Jax. “I remember her being extremely smart. She was always dedicated to what she was doing.?
In recent years, college binge drinking has come into the light and caused college health departments to raise awareness. “Maverick Health,? a publication for Mankato students did a feature on 21st birthdays in 2005, encouraging students not to pressure the birthday boy or girl to drink more than they should.
Also set up to curve binge drinking, "Mavericks After Dark," was started. This is a program in which MSU provides activities for students to do instead of drink on weekend nights. Some of the events have been very successful, while other have not had high attendence, said Wendy Schuh, MSU’s alcohol and drug education coordinator.
The University of Minnesota has a program, "Gophers After Dark," which aims to do the same thing.