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Former Mankato student had an "incredibly high" blood-alcohol reading the night of her death

Amanda Jax, the former Minnesota State University Mankato student who died of alcohol poisoning early Oct. 30, had a blood alcohol level of 0.46 the night of her death, police reported in the Star Tribune. That is nearly six times the legal limit for driving in Minnesota.
Jax, who was taking the semester off from school, was in Mankato celebrating her 21st birthday on the night of Oct. 29. Friends were unsure how much she had drank and took her to an off-campus apartment. Friends called 911 after finding Jax unresponsive in the morning.
Mankato Public Safety Director Matt Westermayer said he has "maybe once" seen an alcohol level that high during his 21 years working in law enforcement. Only a handful of similar cases were found in a nationwide news report search.
"The death of Amanda Jax is a tragedy ... that should have never occurred," Westermayer said. "Binge drinking ... is a very serious problem with devastating effects as the death of Amanda Jax so clearly and cruelly illustrates."
A Facebook page dedicated to Jax's life shows pictures and memories of her. Some also commented on the anger that is felt about Jax being labeled a binge drinker.