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Italian soccer fans rebel after shooting death

The accidental shooting death of a disc jockey on his way to watch a soccer game caused other fans to rebel at many big games throughout Italy, reports the BBC.
Gabriele Sandri, 26, died after being shot while police tried to control other fans near a service station in Arezzo. Police suspect he was hit by a warning shot. "It was a tragic error," said Arezzo police chief Vincenzo Giacobbe.
Fans attending games around the country began rebelling against police. It is thought that the most damage was done in Rome, the capitol city, where fans burned vehicles and threw rocks at the stadium.
Two journalists were beat up in Milan and people called police "muderers" in Siena. All of this violence caused many of the games to start late, or be postponed all together.
Last February, a police officer was killed in Sicily during violence at a soccer game which prompted the Italian government to instate a law this April about controlling fans at games.