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Oregon park is being closed after being the scene of multiple crimes

Holman State Wayside Park near Salem, Oregon is not a place to take the family for a Sunday picnic, reports the New York Times.
It is unsure when the park turned from a friendly gathering point to a place where drug deals went down and couples had sex in public. Because of this, the 10-acre park is now closed. Concrete bricks block the entrance for vehicles and the cinder block bathrooms are scheduled to be demolished.
“What we really need to do is reboot the park,? Chris Havel, a spokesman for the parks department, says. “The plan is to let the reputation die off a little bit, then come back.?
This shut-down started in the 1990s, with changing parking to 15 minutes only. Cameras and signs indicating the cameras presence were put up and excess brush was cut, but nothing seemed to work.
Police have been called about two registered sex offenders were camping in the park and that men were having sex there. Eight men were arrested one weekend last May.
Because of the continuous rise in crime, officials have decided to close the park.