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Two St. Paul men charged with robbing two others and making them strip

Two St. Paul men were charged with first-degree aggravated robbery this week after they allegedly held two Wisconsin college students at knifepoint while robbing them, making them strip and telling them to run into the woods, reports the Pioneer Press.
Gary Gene Littlesoldier, 18, and James Wayne Davis-Drew, 19, followed the two students to a party late Saturday night. The 19 and 21-year-old who attend school in Eau Claire, Wis., left the party after feeling uncomfortable around the others at the party.
Littlesoldier and Davis-Drew asked the students for a cigarette, then flashed a knife with a 3- to 4- inch blade. They ordered the victims into the backseat of their car. Davis-Drew drove to the Lower Afton and Battle Creek area of St. Paul while Littlesoldier held one of the victims in a headlock.
There the victims' cell phones, wallets and clothes. Littlesoldier and Davis-Drew told them to run into the woods and that they would be killed if they contacted police.
The students ran wearing only socks and boxer shorts. They knocked on several doors before someone agreed to let them call the police.