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Cuban Parliament to choose next leader

Cuba's National Assembly convened Sunday to choose a head of state, and for the first time in decades it won't be Fidel Castro, according to CNN. Castro announced his resignation as president last week, likely due to his health condition. The parliament election will most likely choose Raul Castro, Fidel's younger brother, as their new president. Raul has been the acting president of Cuba since 2006, when Fidel took a temporary leave for health reasons.

The Cuban parliament is also expected to choose a new vice president during the election, as well as new members of their Council of State, an assembly which acts on parliament's behalf when they are not in session.

The Bush administration has said that this is a chance for change in Cuba, and Raul has made similar remarks. "Is there going to be a transition here toward something?" Raul told reporters, "Yes, toward a better form of socialism and -- here's something you'll like -- toward a more democratic society." But Fidel has spoken out against President Bush, saying Bush's idea of change for Cuba amounts to annexation of Cuba.