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Nazi war criminal jailed

An 83-year-old man and former SS prison guard was sentenced to life in prison in Italy for war crimes he committed during World War 2, according to CNN. Michael Seifert, who had been living in Canada, was recently extradited from Canada to Italy where his sentencing was held.

Seifert, known as the "Beast of Bolzano" during the war, was convicted even though absent in 2000 by a military tribunal in Italy, on nine counts of murder at an SS guard prison transit camp. At the trial, people testified that Seifert starved a young girl, gouged out a prisoner's eyes, and tortured a woman before killing her.

Seifert is a Canadian citizen originally from Ukrainian, and has admitted to being an SS member, but said he never did the tragedies mentioned. He fought Canadian efforts to strip his citizenship, based on allegations that he hid his history. Canada bans former members of the SS and other similar organizations from becoming citizens because of related war crimes.

Seifert is in relatively good health, but does have a pacemaker. If someone is willing to take him, he could be allowed to serve his sentence on house arrest, because of his age.