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Suicide Attack in Israel

The New York Times is reporting the first suicide attack in Israel in over a year. Two Palestinian bombers snuck into Israel Monday where they had plans to blow up a shopping center. The first killed a woman and injured 11 others, but the second failed to detonate his device before police arrived and was shot dead.

Later Monday a Gaza military group publicly named the attackers and claimed they were from Gaza. Recently travel between Gaza and Egypt has been easier because of a breach in the border. It is likely that this is when the attackers snuck into Israel.

Israeli authorities were happy with the police forces quick response and that they were able to stop the second bomber before he could also detonate. Kobi Moor, an Israeli officer, arrived at the scene and saw the second bomber lying on the ground, apparently injured from the first blast. Before he could recover, Moor shot him 5 times.

However the Israeli government feels more can be done to protect their citizens. The Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, told the government cabinet there was an urgent need to build a fence between Israel and Egypt to try and stop more attackers from sneaking in.