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Analysis on press conference

"Bush: America Is Not Headed Into a Recession" is the title of an article on Fox News, about the press conference President Bush held on Feb. 28. The reporter made some very key decisions when writing this article, and decided to concentrate on one important area of the conference that he thought was the most important.

Although the press conference covered many topics, the reporter decided to concentrate on the economic recession. Bush commented on a possible recession multiple times in the conference, saying he didn't believe it would happen. The reporter then used those comments and his own research to make a larger story out of the press conference.

After writing about the recession he covered other less important parts of the press conference. Those are all after the halfway point, and so they wouldn't be read right away. The title is also an important part in this story. He titled it about a recession to try and draw readers in, which works much better than "Bush talks to press" or something similar.