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Olympic flame protests

Protestors gathered at the Olympic torch lighting ceremony Monday objecting to the games being held in Beijing, according to CNN. Three protestors rushed onto the field of the ceremony in Olympia, Greece with a banner calling for a boycott of the games.

Police detained the three protestors who were French, but it is unclear whether they will face trial for their actions. In a statement the French group said they couldn't allow the flame, a symbol of peace, go into China unless they denounced the dramatic situation of human rights there.

Officials said it was the first time the lighting ceremony had been interrupted by protestors. In China, state broadcasters cut to pre-recorded footage, blocking millions of viewers from seeing what really happened.

Later on in the day more protests followed. A Tibetan woman covered herself in red paint and laid on the ground in front of the torch bearers, forcing them to go around.

Although there were no injuries or fights, officials say it may one of the most difficult Olympic relays they've had to guard. We have Tibetans popping out of every corner protesting during the torch relay," said a senior Greek Olympics official.