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Prince Harry brought home from Afghanistan

After a media disclosure of his military deployment, a disappointed Prince Harry was brought home to London, according to CNN. After a media organization revealed his deployment last week the British military decided it was unsafe for Prince Harry it was decided to withdraw him for security reasons.

Originally, most major news organizations agreed to keep the Prince's location a secret but a Web site broke the story on Thursday. Prince Harry said he was actually surprised at how well the British media kept his locations a secret, but also added "At the same time it doesn't surprise me that once again it came down to media, foreign media, that's once again spilled the beans."

A debate has also been started as to whether or not the media should have kept Prince Harry’s location a secret, or ignored the government’s request. Veteran Channel 4 broadcaster, Jon Snow, was scathing about the media decision not to report news of the deployment, according to another CNN story. Snow praised the Drudge Report Web site for publishing the story, saying they broke “the best kept editorial secret of recent times.? Others disagree, saying the secret was a necessary precaution.

Prince Charles, Harry's father, said he was glad to have Harry home safe, and said he now understood what families of soldiers were going through. Harry was also glad to be home but said he would love to go back on duty very soon. "I thought I could see it through to the end and come back with our guys and the colonel himself."