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American Airlines cancels 850 flights

America Airlines canceled 850 flights Wednesday as it spent a second straight day inspecting wiring on some of its jets, according to CNN. Wire inspections were the same issue that caused America Airlines to cancel hundreds of flights two weeks ago.

On Tuesday, American canceled 500 flights which stranded thousands of passengers in airports around the nation. Federal inspectors had found problems with the wiring job done two weeks ago. An American Airlines spokesman said that cancellations could continue past Wednesday as inspectors continue their search.

The MD-80 jets are the ones under inspection and are used primarily for mid-range flights. American schedules about 2,300 flights daily with more than a third of those using MD-80 jets.

Because American said the issues within their control and not issues such as weather, they were offering free meals and ground transportation to some travelers. They offered juice and doughnuts to passengers waiting at the LaGuardia Airport, but there were few takers, according to an AP reporter.