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Analysis on diversity.

The article I found was in the Star Tribune titled, "Questions remain after fatal police chase in Minneapolis." The lead for the story is "As Hanna Abukar was laid to rest Monday, members of the Somali community were questioning the police chase that preceded her death a day earlier in south Minneapolis."

The story is about the Somali community's reaction to a police chase that ended in the death of Hanna Abukar. A 15-year-old boy who had been fleeing police in a stolen car, and crashed into a car Abukar was in. There is an investigation going on as to whether or not the high speed chase was necessary.

The report doesn't rely on stereotypes of the Somali community to give his report, and instead actually talked to many Somali's on their beliefs and what they thought of the incident. His good reporting helps him stay away from assumptions and instead allows him to genuinely say what the two sides are.

The story goes in depth about the Muslim burying rituals so that the reader will understand exactly what is going on. For example, he found out the husband of Abukar wouldn't speak about his wife in honor of a 3 day mourning ritual.

I learned a lot about Muslim funerals and rituals I didn't know anything about before. I also found that Somali's really believed that such a chase was unnecessary and this never would have happened if police had done their job differently. I think that whites tend to think differently and believe police should do whatever is required to catch criminals.