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Australia to pump carbon dioxide underground

Australia started a project to pump carbon dioxide underground to try and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to CNN. The project hopes that by pumping the gases underground they will be unable to affect the atmosphere.

A plant opened in southern Victoria state Wednesday that should capture and compress 110,231 tons of carbon dioxide and pump it 6,500 feet underground. The pumping site is a depleted natural gas reservoir.

This idea, known as geosequestration, is only being used in a handful of places with the U.S. being one of them. About 144 sites in the U.S. use a similar method of pumping carbon dioxide underground to help recover oil reserves.

Greens political party officials say that the project would achieve little and governments should concentrate on much bigger goals to solve global warming. Green Party Sen. Christine Milne said that the plan was government-funded PR.

Officials said that scientists will monitor the site to measure leaks and other potential problems with the goal of proving that geosequestration is both a safe and effective way of fighting global warming.