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Bush and Putin still disagree on missiles

President Bush and Russian President Putin failed to resolve their differences after a meeting today, according to CNN. Bush did say they had laid out a strategic framework to help guide any future U.S.-Russian relations.

The two presidents spoke at a joint press conference Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi. Putin expressed his countries concern that the U.S. wanted to build missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic. Putin did say he was hopeful that the two sides would come to some sort of agreement in the near future, and called his eight-year professional relationship with Bush "mostly positive."

President Bush said that it would take some more time to convince Moscow that the missile sites were purely defensive in nature, and not offensive. He also said that people need to accept that "the Cold War is over."

Bush was also able to meet Russia's future president, Dmitry Medvedev, who will take over next month. Bush called Medvedev a straightforward fellow, and told reporters, "You can write down, I was impressed and look forward to working with him."

In the text of the US-Russia Strategic Framework Declaration, which was released after the talks, Russia and the U.S. agreed that the time when they considered each other a "strategic threat or enemy" was over. "Where we have differences, we will work to resolve them in a spirit of mutual respect."