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Iran in pipeline talks with India, Pakistan

Talks are set to conclude this week between Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the countries of Pakistan and India. The deal, if confirmed, will set in the motion plans to build a pipeline supplying Iranian gas to the two other nations, according to CNN.

The pipeline would be about 1,600 miles long, and would cost around $7 billion to build. Initial costs put the line at around $4.5 billion, but were recently revised. The current plan would have 682 miles of pipe in Iran, 620 in Pakistan, and 372 in India.

The United States has been pressuring Pakistan and India, both allies of the U.S., to not sign any agreements with Iran. Some have instead called the pipeline a "peace pipeline," believing it will reduce tensions between the three nations.

In efforts to try and convince India to back out, the U.S. offered India advanced nuclear technology, to make up for the gas, but India has already claimed it's ready to enter final discussions with Iran.

The line would be capable of delivering 150 million cubic meters of gas to India and Pakistan a day. A top Iranian advisor spoke about the importance of oil and gas when putting Western powers "in their place," according to Iran's semi-official news agency, Fars.

"Oil and gas are two elements of power at the disposal of the Muslims," Gen. Yahya Safavi said Sunday, according to Fars.