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Man charged with killing sex partner

Shaunell Johnson, 29, was charged Tuesday with the death of 15-year-old Joquese Loyd, according to the Star Tribune. Johnson apparently shot Loyd during an argument, and got upset over Loyd yelling.

According to case documents, police interviewed a woman at the house who was also in sexual relations with Johnson. She told police that she, Loyd, and another female took a bus to visit Johnson, also known as "Lunatic." The woman said she didn't know Johnson's real name and the word Lunatic was tatood on Johnson's neck.

When they arrived at Johnson's home, by the Near North neighborhood in Minneapolis, Loyd and Johnson began to fight, but soon made up. Later, Loyd confronted Johnson with a knife because he wouldn’t talk to her, yelling that she wasn't afraid of Johnson. Johnson then pulled out a gun and shot Loyd.

When police arrived, Johnson said he was planning on taking Loyd to the hospital. A .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun was found in a trash can nearby.

Loyd was also known as Jacques Brown, which she told police was her name in a previous arrest. She also said she was 19.