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Pope asks Catholics to help sexual abuse victims

Pope Benedict XVI expressed his concern for sexual abuse victims, Thursday, and asked that all Catholics to help heal any wounds, according to CNN.

The pope celebrated mass at Washington's ball park Thursday, and during a 20 minute homily focused on repentance, unity and reconciliation among the 70 million Catholics in the United States. The statements come after Benedict spoke about abuse victims on his first day in the U.S. No words of mine could describe the pain and harm inflicted by such abuse. It is important that those who have suffered be given loving pastoral attention," he said.

Before mass began, he drove around Nationals Stadium in the "popemobile" giving the crowd a chance to see him up close. Aside from the popemobile, there were several other security measures taken. Every person in the park had to go through metal detectors before entering. Nearby bridges and roads were closed, and there were multiple security services working, including the secret service, normally reserved for presidents.

The gathering was one of the largest for a pope visiting, including fourteen Roman Catholic cardinals, 250 bishops, 1,300 priests, four choirs totaling 570 singers, and as many as 46,000 worshippers.

Benedict has a couple more days scheduled in the United States, and will travel to New York on Friday and address the U.N. General Assembly. He's celebrating Mass on Sunday morning at Yankee Stadium, before heading back to Vatican City.