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Teen found guilty of beheading

A jury in Detroit found a teenager guilty of murdering a Michigan man and then beheading and burning the victim’s body, according to CNN. They rejected his claim of self-defense.

The jury deliberated for 10 hours over two days before they found Jean Pierre Orlewicz guilty of first-degree murder, felony murder and mutilation.

Prosecutors called Orlewicz's murder a "thrill killing," saying he was excited by the idea of killing someone and not being caught. Orlewicz, of Canton, Michigan, admitted that he killed Sorenson, 26, but insisted that it was in self-defense. He admitted stabbing Sorenson 13 times after an extortion plan went awry and Sorenson threatened his life. "There was not a murder," Orlewicz said.

Orlewicz claimed that Sorenson took out a gun and threatened him with it. Orlewicz said he then grabbed a knife and stabbed Sorenson first. During his testimony Orlewicz also admitted that after Sorenson died, he used a hacksaw to decapitate him. Orlewicz said he threw Sorenson's torso into a field and set it on fire. The defendant said he took a blowtorch to Sorenson's hands to cover up fingerprints.

Several witnesses told the jury that everything Orlewicz said was just a story, and that Orlewicz actually planned on killing Sorenson. Alex Mullins, 17, told police he was supposed to be the lookout when Orlewicz planned to kill Sorenson, but backed out. Mullins also said that Orlewicz had been talking about killing Sorenson for weeks. "He wanted to stab Dan (Sorenson)," Mullins said. "He wanted to bag him up in a tarp, hang him upside down from a tree, burning. He said he wanted to cut his head off."