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Witness in Jones trial to take stand again

Former Gopher football player, Robert McField, is anticipated to take the stand again for further questioning in the case of an alleged rape by Dominic Jones, another former University of Minnesota football player, according to the Star Tribune.

Defense lawyer Earl Gray has been persistently asking Judge Marilyn Rosenbaum to allow him to recall McField and ask questions about his armed robbery conviction, for which he is currently in jail for. Before today, Gray was only allowed one question on the subject, whether or not McField had an unspecified conviction, to which he said yes.

McField is serving a 12 year sentence in Missouri for armed robberies, but that information has been hidden from the jury. Both times he appeared in court he was wearing a suit instead of an orange jumpsuit, and the jury was removed from the room while guards escorted McField in.

McField is a key witness for the prosecutors, since he is the only person to testify he saw Jones on top of the victim performing sexual acts. By bringing McField's criminal past to light the jury may have a harder time believing him.