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Analysis on CAR

The story I picked for this analysis is titled, "Joel Grover Investigation: 'Contaminated Water?'," and was done by KNBC in Las Angeles.

The story investigates possible contaminated water in public schools. After testing different water, they analyzed it to see how contaminated it was, and where the worst water was going. They also looked at old water test records for the city and public schools. In a separate investigation they checked logs and watched workers at public schools to see if they were doing their jobs correctly by cleaning water fountains properly, like documents stated they were.

With all of this information put together, they were able to determine which schools were worse than others as far as contaminates in water, such as lead. They also were able to prove certain people lied to them about proper water care.

The reporter would need to know how to put all of this information together easily, so a spreadsheet program would be helpful. Some information he'd put in a spreadsheet is school names, location, and lead levels. Working with 30 schools, and water coming from multiple sources, a mapping program of some type was probably used to analyze which schools may be having a problem. It would also help determine if a certain district or area was more problematic than another.