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Michelle Obama wants to move past Wright

Michelle Obama said that although it was painful for her husband to move away from his minister, Jeremiah Wright, it's now time to move on, according to CNN. In a CNN interview on Wednesday, Obama said she was pleased with how her husband handled the situation and now could get back to the issues.

On Tuesday, Barack Obama said he was "outraged" at his former minister's statements, and that didn't seem like the person met 20 years ago.

The controversy began earlier this year when sermons by Wright spread on the Internet. The statements included portions which seemed to imply the United States brought the September 11th attacks upon itself. He also said Obama was only separating himself from Wright as a political move.

Michelle Obama said she now hopes that since her husband has confronted these issues in several speeches, the country will be able to move on to more important things. "With all due respect, we're moving forward," she said. "Barack was so clear, and he's been so open about this issue, and he speaks for me as well."

She also said that the recent controversy could help bring the country to a better place, by unifying the nation.