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Hi-o. I haven't written in this for a while, mostly because I don't have to for class anymore. But today I decided, what the heck, why not throw an entry in.

So, I'm going to talk about some Knights drumline action. I was in the drumline for 2 years, and it is still really important to me and I feel a connection to it. About the drumline, it's not going the best this year. People are quitting, skipping practice, not practicing at home, and generally not caring. They haven't performed yet and are just getting uniforms now. Yikes. Most of them like to place all the blame on their director mr. Eric Novosad. Even I liked to think all of this was his fault. While he may not be a huge part of the solution, he isn't part of the problem at all. The members of the drumline simply aren't taking responsibility for its success. They don't associate themselves as being able to make or break it. It really all comes from their attitudes. They feel like they don't have any power over it and they want to be a player run group. As they're showing right now, they couldn't handle being a player run group, as they aren't really handling having a leader right now. A total change in attitude has to happen if they want to keep it going, most of them are totally apathetic as to whether they look good or not. It is ridiculous.

I just finished my second cadence this season for them, and I really like it. It blows my previous two out of the water. Problem is, I don't see them playing it well, because they don't practice. It's not incredibly hard music, it would only take a little bit of time at home to lock it in, but it is going to be sloppy if they even do it. This saddens me. I only wish I knew how to motivate them....


Hey dude,

Check out my site... it might be a great rudimental snare drumming reference for your students.