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Washington Avalanche

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Three skiers were killed in an avalanche near a ski resort in Washington on Sunday.

There were 12 people buried in the snow when the avalanche hit the back side of Stevens Pass in the Cascade mountains, the Star Tribune reported.

Katie Larson, a spokeswoman for the King's County Sheriff's Office, said that all of the skiers were experienced and had the appropriate equipment," but "nature happened."

They performed CPR on the three men to no avail, Larson said.

Romney wins Maine Caucuses

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Presidential candidate Mitt Romney won Maine's Republican caucuses, state party officials announced Saturday.

Romney narrowly beat candidate Ron Paul in Maine, after suffering three straight losses earlier this week.

Romney's campaign released a statement thanking voters and further emphasizing his conservative stance. "We stand for conservative principles, liberty and prosperity," the statement said.

Romney Wins in Nevada

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Mitt Romney won the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, marking his second first-place finish in four days, following a victory in the Florida primary on Tuesday.

Like Romney, about one fourth of Republican caucusgoers were Mormon. He won a large coalition of voters consisting of conservatives, Tea Party supporters and evangelical Christians.

Nevada has the largest share of Tea Party supporters of any state that has participated in Republican nominating. Although considered a pivotal part of Newt Gingrich's coalition, Romney won a higher percentage of this group of voters.

According to the New York Times, "The top issue on the minds of caucusgoers was the economy, and 6 in 10 of those who listed it as their leading concern voted for Mr. Romney."

Romney is now the "clear favourite to win Republican presidential nomination," the guardian. Despite the recent success, he needs to win 1,144 delegates to secure the nomination.

Barnes & Noble vs. Amazon

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Barnes and Noble is facing challenges in the form of heavy competition from and the Kindle digital e-reader, among others.

There is significant concern that Barnes and Noble stores will wither away slowly as more readers embrace e-books and e-readers. Traditional publishers are uneasy about the advent of the digital book expansion, fearing for their livelihood. William J. Lynch Jr., C.E.O. of Barnes and Noble says that his stores "will endure" and that the thought of digital book technology making bookstores obsolete is "nonsense."

Fox News asserts that Approximately 67 percent of libraries in the U.S. offer some e-books -- a 55 percent jump from 2 years ago, illustrating the rapidly growing digital book trend.

Barnes and Noble responded to competition with it's own e-reader: the Nook.
According to CBS, the Nook e-reader boasts more RAM and 16GB of storage - double the amount of Kindle Fire.

The device has obtained some popularity, but nowhere near that of Amazon's Kindle.

Amazon issued a statement that said, "Kindle unit sales, including both the Kindle Fire and e-reader devices, increased 177 percent over the same period last year."

Lynch has plans to improve the image of his stores, with new display space for the Nook device. He also wants to experiment with reducing the size of the stores and taking the device overseas to reach a previously untapped consumer market.

Publishers rely on Barnes and Noble to advertise their product. Having a retail space to house printed books allows for a carry-on effect on reader purchase incentives, "the display of a book contributes to selling e-books and audio books." Said David Shanks, the chief executive of the Penguin Group USA.

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