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2010 MGIS Student Recognition

Congratulations to a number of MGIS students who were the recipients of recent awards. Several of these were ESRI-related awards. Molly Martin and Chiu-Yi Liu were awarded 2010 ESRI User Conference Assistantships; Neha Kulkarni received a Summer 2010 Internship; and Jeremy Moore was recognized as the 2010 ESRI Development Centers Student of the Year award. Mike Foster, Brad Herried and Don Kilberg all received CAGIS Student Awards that allowed them to travel to the 2010 ESRI Conference to represent CAGIS in the exhibitor area.

Margaret Voth was the recipient of the 2010 UMN Minnesota GIS/LIS Scholarship Graduate Award for her research project "Assessing Minnesota Lake Clarity Using MODIS Imagery." Ms. Voth went on to win first place in the Graduate Student Paper Competition (cash award of $1,000) held at the October 2010 MN GIS/LIS Conference in Duluth. Colin Lee was the recipient of the same scholarship in the undergraduate category for his research on "Lidargrammetry: Reducing file sizes while retaining accuracy." Mr. Lee won second place in the Undergraduate Student Paper Competition with a cash award of $400.

Finally, congratulations to our recent graduates in December 2010: Kyle Chester, Mike Foster, Eric Hanson, Brad Herried, Tim Jacobson and Greg Schulz. For a listing of their Plan B projects, see the MGIS graduates page.