April 7, 2015

2015 MGIS Graduate Job Hires and Changes

Congratulations to our MGIS graduates who have secured jobs or changed jobs in 2015 as they continue to achieve success in the GIS profession!

David Bryson (2008) now works for Cloud Sherpas as a Geospatial Solutions Consultant in Denver, Colorado.

Kyle Chester (2010) is moving to Charlotte, North Carolina in late April to begin a new position with ESRI as a Solution Engineer.

Jason Dally (2015) is a GIS Technician at CenterPoint Energy in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Stephan Dunning (2004) is now a Senior Program Director with Optum Labs in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Teresa Lewandowski (2014) has been hired as a Web Application Developer for SetSight in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Molly (Wynia) McDonald (2014) currently works for the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association as a GIS and Planning Assistant in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Sandra Paddock (2000) has transitioned to a position as an Information Technology Consultant with Pearson VUE in Minneapolis, MN.

February 12, 2014

2014 MGIS Graduate Job Hires and Changes

Congratulations to our recent graduates and others who have changed jobs in 2014 as they establish and maintain successful careers in the GIS profession!

Gayatri Alapati (2013) currently works for General Electric Oil and Gas as a GIS programming consultant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Patrick Baldwin (2012) is now a GIS Specialist at Flat Rock Geographics in St. Paul, MN. This GIS consulting company was founded by two MGIS grads, Blaine Hackett (2001) and Paul Wickman (2007).

Justin Bakken (2011) has been promoted to GIS Specialist at Natural Resource Group, LLC.

Corey Betchwars (2014) has been hired as a Research/GIS Analyst for the City of St. Paul's Planning and Economic Development Office.

Tom Chambers (2012) has been hired as a GIS Specialist with Goodhue County in Minnesota.

Kyle Chester (2010) has changed positions at Xcel Energy and is now a Solutions Consultant.

Tony Drollinger (2010) has the new title of Commuter Programs Specialist at Metro Transit in the Twin Cities.

Stephen Dunning (2004) has been promoted to Director of Strategy and Business Development at the Chronic Disease Research Group of the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation.

Josh Dunsmoor (2013) has taken a new position as a GIS Analyst with Steel Shire Design in Minnesota.

Keith Erickson (2012) is now a Geospatial Software Engineer with Digital Globe in Golden, Colorado.

Kim Gorman (2008) has added Program Manager to her job title of Senior Project Manager/GIS Specialist at Tetra Tech.

Ben Gosack (2014) is a GIS Analyst with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Jenny Immich (2010) completed her doctoral degree in Anthropology and is now a GIS Teaching Fellow at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Chacko Jacob (2009) has been promoted to Vice President of Global Technology and Business at Farmers Edge in Calgary, Canada.

Tim Jacobson (2010) is now a Network Engineer with Frontier Communications in Burnsville, Minnesota.

Kris Johnson (2013) and his family moved to Duluth, Minnesota where Kris works as a GIS Developer at North Point GIS.

Brad Johnston (2013) has been hired at Carver County as a GIS Specialist.

Tyler Kaebisch (2014) has been hired as the Senior Research Analysis Specialist (Remote sensing image analyst) for the Minnesota DNR's Division of Forestry in Grand Rapids.

John Koenigs (2011) is now a Help Desk Representative at Cityworks, Azteca Systems, Inc. in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Yiwen Li (2014) works as a Community GIS Research Specialist at the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

Yuanyuan Luo (2014) is continuing to work as a Research Specialist for the Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota.

Fukhrudin Maalim (2014) is a Research Analyst at the National Centre for Food Protection and Defense in St. Paul, MN.

Chris Martin (2014) has been hired as a Solutions Engineer for ESRI Professional Services in Boston, Massachusetts.

Molly Martin (2011) has been hired as the GIS Principal with St. Louis County, Minnesota.

Matt McLees (2013) now works as a Senior GIS Analyst at Scott County in Minnesota.

Mike Mommsen (2013) works for Historical Information Gatherers as a researcher and developer in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Tony Monsour (2012) now works as a GIS Analyst for Scott County along with fellow MGIS graduate, Matt McLees.

Stephen Palka (2014) was hired as a GIS Analyst with Innovate!, Inc. and will work as a contractor to the USGS and EROS Data Center.

Greg Schulz (2010) is now a GIS Developer with Target Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Prakash Singh (2011) has transitioned to a new position with Blu Homes as a Full Stack Software Engineer in San Francisco, California.

Tom Swanson (2007) has moved from New York and is now the Deputy Geographic Information Officer for Architecture and Planning at the City of Philadelphia.

Zeb Thomas (2012) has been promoted to GIS Data Systems Coordinator at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Noel Peterson (2011) has been promoted to Associate Analyst at the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

Jesse Reinhardt (2007) has been promoted to GIS Business Services Lead at the Hennepin County GIS Office.

Matt Taraldsen (2013) has been hired as a Severe Weather Research Associate at the National Weather Service Warning Decision Training Branch in Norman, Oklahoma.

Lucas Winzenburg (2013) has secured a position at the University of Minnesota working as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Polar Geospatial Center and U-Spatial.

September 30, 2013

Hansen and Mueller receive 2013 MN GIS/LIS Consortium's Polaris Leadership Awards

Catherine Hansen, MGIS Faculty member, and Jane Mueller, MGIS graduate, have been recognized as the 2013 Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium's Polaris Leadership Award winners. The award recognizes active, established leaders in the geospatial profession who demonstrate a beacon of energy and creativity that inspires and guides the Minnesota GIS community. Congratulations to both Catherine and Jane for this achievement and many thanks for their devotion and contributions to the GIS community!

May 15, 2013

2013 MGIS Graduate Job Changes and Hires

Jason Anderson (2012) moved to Denver, Colorado and works for First Bank as a Web Developer.

VIctor Barnett (2000) works at the City of St. Paul as an Engineering Technician.

Brian Behling (2010) currently works for Premier Geospatial in Arvada, Colorado as a Software Developer.

Tom Breed (2006) now works for Google as a GIS Data Engineer.

Mike Engels (2005) has moved back to Minnesota and works as a Data Analyst for AudaExplore in Eagan, MN. One of his colleagues is Mike Kasel (2009), who is a Senior GIS Analyst.

Keith Erickson (2012) is a GIS Analyst with Digital Globe in Golden, Colorado.

Elizabeth Fairley (2008) is a Geospatial Data Steward and Metadata Custodian with the Geospatial Agency in Washington, D.C.

Mike Foster (2010) now works at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning as a GIS/Data Visualization/Graphics Specialist in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

Jim Gonsoski (2008) is a GIS Specialist at the Metropolitan Council in the Twin Cities.

Drew Hanson (2010) has moved to a GIS Specialist position with Golder Associates, an environmental planning and engineering consulting firm in the Seattle area.

Eric Hanson (2010) now works for the Hennepin County GIS office as a Senior IT Specialist.

Matt McLees (2013) is a Senior GeoData Specialist at East View Geospatial in Minnesota.

Alphonce Nicholaus (2012) works as a GIS Consultant for the African Wildlife Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Sandra Paddock (2000) recently became a Business Analyst & Project Management Consultant for HealthPartners in Minneapolis, MN.

Sara (Dolan) Sanchez (2007) is now a Product Engineer at ESRI.

Prakash Singh (2011) works for the City of Los Angeles' Department of Building and Safety as a GIS platform manager.

Matt Swanson (2013) is a Research Analyst with Historical Information Gatherers in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Matt Taraldsen (2013) has moved to Norman, Oklahoma to work for Weather Decision Technologies, Inc as a meteorologist and GIS software engineer.

Aaron Timbo (1999) is currently a Software Engineer with Bloom Health in Minneapolis.

Norine Wilczek (2012) has been hired as a GIS Analyst/Traffic Operations Dispatcher at the Minnesota Department of Transportation's Regional Transportation Management Center.

August 29, 2012

2012 MGIS Graduate Job Changes and Hires

Justin Bakken (2011) is an Associate GIS Consultant with the Natural Resource Group, LLC.

Ben Butzow (2012) has moved to MnDOT's Waters Edge facility and is now a GIS Specialist with the GIS Support Group.

Tom Chambers (2012) is a GIS Consultant with Real Estate Mapping and Data, LLC.

Brian Fischer (2001) was promoted to a Principal and GIS Project Manager at Houston Engineering Inc. in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Mike Foster (2010) now works as a GIS Specialist with URS Corporation in downtown Minneapolis.

Jason Gottfried (2011) is a Multi-Modal Transportation Planner/GIS Specialist with the St. Cloud Area Planning Organization.

Blaine Hackett (2001) along with Paul Wickman (2007) have joined forces and established a GIS consulting company, Flat Rock Geographics, in Minneapolis.

Jacque Hamilton (2007) is now a Geologic Information Specialist at the Minnesota Geological Survey.

Craig Hanson (2012) has moved to Williston, North Dakota where he is working as a GIS Specialist with AE2S.

Mike Kasel (2009) now works as a Senior GIS Analyst with Explore Information Services in Eagan, Minnesota.

Erin Kees (2008) has moved back to the Twin Cities and works for Xcel Energy as a Supervisor for the Ancillary Programs group.

Cole Kelleher (2012) is a Cartographer and Support Coordinator at the Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota and makes frequent trips to Antarctica.

Michael Lau (2012) is a 3D Product Engineer with ESRI in Redlands, California.

Matt Lindholm (2011) was recently hired by the Natural Resource Group, LLC as an Associate GIS Consultant.

Jason Menard (2007) has moved back to Minnesota and is now the GIS Instructional Technologist at Saint Olaf College in Northfield.

Tony Monsour (2012) works for Eastview Geospatial as a GIS Developer. More recently, he is the Vice President at Elevated GIS Solutions.

Andres Munoz (2008), after many successful years working for ESRI as a Solutions Engineer, will be returning to Colombia to begin his own consulting company.

Sean O'Brien (2012) is a GIS Technician with Houston Engineering.

Shane Pittman (2003) has been promoted to Supervisor of Spatial Data at Port Metro Vancouver.

Sathyan Srinivasan (2000) now works as the Senior Program Manager at Intel Corporation in Portland, Oregon.

Zach Tagar (2012) was hired as a GIS Research Analyst at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Zeb Thomas (2012) is now a GIS Data Analyst at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Kody Thurnau (2011) is back in the Twin Cities where he is a GIS Specialist at the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy.

Norine Wilczek (2012) works as a GIS Specialist at the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

July 3, 2008

U of M presents honorary degree to geographic information system pioneer Jack Dangermond

Jack DangermondJack Dangermond, founder and president of ESRI, the world's leading GIS software company, received an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota on Wednesday, April 2. Dangermond also delivered the inaugural John Borchert Lecture, in honor of the late John Borchert, University of Minnesota Regents Professor in Geography and member of the U.S. National Academy of Science. View the University News Service press release.