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Master Gardeners of Anoka County

Master Gardeners of Anoka County

2012 Anoka Master Gardner: Home Landscaping and Garden Fair

2012 Home Landscaping and Garden Fair Brochure

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University of Minnesota Extension, Anoka County Master Gardeners
present the
2012 Home Landscaping & Garden Fair
Saturday, April 14: 8 am-3:30 pm
Bunker Hills Activities Center

The public is invited to attend this one-day horticulture/gardening event. The content of the classes include University-based research and recommended best practices for flower, vegetable and native gardening, trees and shrub care, plus disease and pest control. There is an exhibitor fair featuring a variety of artists, local garden centers and landscape companies and others who will be selling garden products, plants, books, garden art, jewelry and more.

There will be two special guest speakers this year. Attendees will learn from University of Minnesota professor, Dr. Jeff Gilman as he unravels the myths and truths about organic gardening based on his book, The Truth About Organic Gardening. Gardeners tend to assume that any organic product is automatically safe for humans and beneficial to the environment--and in most cases this is true. The problem, Gillman points out, is that it is not always true, and the exceptions to the rule can pose a significant threat to human health. Gillman's contention is that all gardening products and practices--organic and synthetic--need to be examined on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they are safe and whether they accomplish the task for which they are intended. After attending this session, participants will understand why, and why knowledge is the gardener's most important tool.

Preventing Lyme Disease will be presented by Elizabeth Maloney, MD, who will focus on the virus that is spread by black legged ticks, (a.ka. deer ticks), and management strategies for people, pet and property protection. Dr. Maloney is a family physician and president of Partnership for Healing and Health, Ltd. She develops accredited CME programs on Lyme disease for physicians and other health professionals, as well as Lyme disease training programs for private organizations and government agencies.

Master Gardeners who specialize in specific horticultural areas will teach the other classes that include, but are not limited to: Gardens of the Night; Woodland Gardens; Healthy Lawns: Lush Lawn Carpets vs. Low-Maintenance Rugs; Eat Your Weeds?...What? and more. There are creative garden craft classes that are also offered including a Build a Nesting Platform for Insect-feeding Birds and Cake Decorating with Florals. All supplies will be provided and participants will take home completed projects.

Registration for this event is required (space is limited). The early registration fee is $25 per person, $45 for two. Early registrations close on April 6, 4:30 PM. The late registration/walk-in fee after that date is $30 per person as long as space permits. A material fee will be added to the optional craft classes. Box lunches can be pre-ordered, or people are welcome to bring bag lunches. For more information, please select:

2012 Home Landscaping and Garden Fair Brochure

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Photo from the Tree Pruning Class

Due to limited space, pre-registration is required. To register, please call the Anoka County Extension Office at 763-755-1280.