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Becker County Master Gardeners made several grand entrances onto the area TV stage late summer 2010 with half of our small band debuting--and a few more gathering up their courage for a 2011 debut.         

          Topic segments are just 5 minutes, filmed at the master gardener's choice of venue and also their choice of topic.  A diverse and skilled troop, topics are as varied as the gardeners themselves.  Raising bees, herbs, labeling, pruning, garden layout, raising vegetables, caring for onions, caring for dahlias, and combating ants are topics thus far.

          Budding stars so far are Linda Perrine, Cindy Hendrickson, Alice Wenzel, Heather Ettlinger, Marietta Keenan, D.Mae Ceryes, Genelle Bentley, MaCrae Putnum, Winnefred Gillespie, Mary Wichmann, Sally Hausken.

TV3- Lakes Area Television

Master Gardeners' Rambling Rose

Program Schedule-All times A.M. & P.M.

6:12 - 10:12 - 2:12


To view the archived shows click on the following link:

Rambling Rose


Some additional activities are:

  • Teaching a basic gardening class in April at a church ladies meeting


  • Teaching "Underwater Weeds" to 5th graders on a Becker County Soil and water conservation tour


  • Attended a two day course on MN fruit and Vegetable Growers Assoc


  • BCMG garden display at the Becker County fair


  • Becker County Master Gardeners staff weekly Plant and Pest Clinics on Mondays and Fridays from 9:00 AM - 12 noon in the Becker County Extension Office during the summer months (May-October).


  • Plant Sale, our only fund raiser of the year 






Becker County Master Gardeners

In 2009, 19 Becker County Master Gardeners donated 1079 hours of volunteer time in the county, educating the public about gardening and related topics. The national monetary value of volunteer time given by the Independent Sector for 2009 was $20.85 per hour. This equates to $22,497 donated in Becker County. Master Gardeners also participated in 415 hours of continuing education during 2009. In addition, participation in Extension's Master Gardener program develops local citizens into community leaders by giving them opportunities to teach and work in many different horticultural settings.
Master Gardeners are required to complete a minimum of 25 volunteer hours annually. Unlike local garden clubs, Master Gardeners complete continuing education annually, and are trained to teach locally
In 2008 we had 15 active Master Gardeners that donated 842 hours of volunteer time in our county, educating the public about gardening and related issues. The national monitary value of volunteer time given by the Independent Sector for 2008 is $20.25 per hour. This equates to $17,505.50 donated to Becker County. We also participated in 277 hours of continuing education during 2008.
The figures for 2007 were 842 hours at $ 19.51 equaling $16427.42 with 340 additional education hours.

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Longtime Master Gardener Passes Away

Cheryl A. Peterson, 64 of Detroit Lakes, died Monday March 9, 2009 at Merit Care Hospital in Fargo ND.
Cheryl was a Master Gardener in Becker County for 12 years. She was a great diagnostician. Cheryl answered questions through the national extension system (Ask a Master Gardener) for Minnesota. She spent hours researching questions that came her way with diligence and took great pride in her research to make sure she was giving accurate information. She found satisfaction in helping anyone who had a question. She was willing to help the newer Master Gardeners learn and helped at our Plant and Pest Clinics. She also would print out information when she thought it would be helpful, especially for the novice as she wanted them to find the thrill of knowing as much as you can about gardening. Her passing is a huge loss to our group.
We will miss Cheryl .

About Us

Educating people where they live and work about horticultural best practices

Master Gardeners are University of Minnesota-trained volunteers who educate the public about a variety of horticulture subjects using readily-available, up-to-date research-based information. This educational effort is designed to enhance the public's quality of life and to promote good stewardship of the environment.

For more information or to request an application to become a Master Gardener, please contact:
Linda Perrine, Becker County Extension 218-846-7328