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The Gardens are looking good in July. Each gardener is responsible for their own site.
They are doing a great job.

CIMG1451.JPGEight plots were assigned and planted.
The constant rain and little sun caused a slow start fot the plants in June.


The Value of Trees

Continuing the year-long tribute to trees, the Arboretum is proud to announce the Value of Trees community initiative - a community tree planting and public education program.
Click on the following link to download a pdf of the Value of Trees Publication.
This includes,
2. How to plant a tree 4. Why Trees Die. 5. Caring For Trees. 6. Venerable Oak. 8. 50 Terrific Trees 10. Common Insects and Diseases 12. Books about trees 14. Arrest the Pest 16. Oak Wilt / Oak Anthracnose 18. Trees Are Cool 19. Select Small Trees 20. Explore Treeology 22. Master Gardeners 23. Andersen Horticutural Library