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Master Gardeners of Becker County

Master Gardeners of Becker County


1. Nurses Day at ST Marys Hospital
Display booth on healing/theraputic gardens

2. AIS Workshop:
Becker County Coalition of Lake Associations(COLA) and Becker County Master Gardeners co-hosted a full day workshop to educate lake owners in the area on the topic of Aquaic Invasive Species. Several knowlegeable presenters spoke about plants such as curley-leaf pond weed, eurasion water milfoil, flowering rush, purple loosetrife and zebra mussels. Presentations focused on identification of these invasive species, as well as strategies to prevent and/or manage their spread into area bodies of water.

3. Becker County Fair/ Capital for a day
We had an informational bulletin board at the fair and Capital for a day celebration.. This years topic was Master Gardeners-who we are-
what we do-how to join us.

4. Newspaper Column
Ardella writes a weekly gardening column for the Lakes Area Press called "Garden Expressions.

5. Plant and Pest Clinic
We held a plant and pest clinic Mon, Wed, Fri throughout the growing season. We have answered over 285 questions this year. Fifty-five half days were covered by 11 Master Gardeners that came in and answered phone calls and helped walk-ins'. This does not include questions answered from our homes, at the store, church etc.

6. Plant Sale
The BCMG annual Plant Sale opens at 8:00 am the Saturday before Memorial Day. Each year the BCMG's dig up some of their bulbs, plant seeds, perennials etc... and donate their plants as a fund raiser. This is our largest fund raiser of the year. Proceeds are used to fund various projects and keep our library up to date.
plant sale 021.jpg

7. Hanging Flower Basket Project
Tom coordinated the project. 31 businesses and 17 individuals contributed. 97 baskets were planted by Bergens Greenhouse. The city of Detroit Lakes watered the baskets on a daily basis. This was a very sucessfull project adding beauty to the city.

8. Adopt a Garden
Tom coordinated adoption of 13 Detroit Lakes city gardens by local groups and individuals. We also assisted in 4 of the gardens. Tom planted tomatoes and peppers as well as flowers in the GAR garden for area apartment residents. This has potential for a mini-community garden next year. The gardens looked outstanding this year.
MG city garden 022.jpg

9. News Letter
I publish the Northwest Minnesota Master Gardener Newsletter and a calendar of events. It is distributed to 14 different counties and has a circulation of over 350 individuals. The newsletter is published four times a year and includes all of the local horticultural events and educational opportunities.
Marietta Keenan, Becker County Master Gardener

10. Underwater Weed Presentation
Bob presents to various groups and also takes part in the yearly"FIFTH GRADE CONSERVATION TOUR"
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11. Rain Garden
Sally was instrumental in planning a workshop on rain gardens in May. We helped plant and are maintaining the first of, we hope, many rain gardens in Detroit Lakes.
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12. Ask A Master Gardener
Cheryl answers questions through the national eXtension system for Minnesota.