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Master Gardeners of Becker County: 2009 Accomplishments

Year 2, Rain Garden

We are committed to weeding the rain garden for 2 years.
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Gar Park

In addition to the perennials, Gar Park was planted with tomatoes and eggplant. The nearby apartment building's tenants have take an interest in it and are tending to the plants and harvesting.

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Detroit Lakes Park

The garden in the city park was once again beautiful thanks to Tom Reiffenberger.



MAJOR ROLE IN U. S. Highway 10
by Sally Hausken

From the moment of inception of the renovation of U. S. Highway 10 through the City of Detroit Lakes, both Pelican River Watershed and Master Gardeners knew the 4,000 feet of shoreline of Big Detroit Lake was a perfect venue for showcasing an environmental shift to native plantings in the resort city. The Watershed, City of Detroit Lakes and a representative of Master Gardeners, with others, worked on plans more than 2 years in advance.
Each of at least 8 organizations played significant and specific assigned roles
during the 2-3 week time period of arrival of the over 12,000 plants to their installation. Participants included Pelican River Watershed District, MnDOT, City of Detroit Lakes, Prairie Restorations, Luxury Landscaping, and DNR.
Because the thread of lakeshore was skinny at best and also for security reasons, plants were stored at an undisclosed location. Master Gardeners' mission: keeping plants arrive from delivery until installation, aka watering. Special piping and spigots were set up to accommodate the crucial task.
As publicity emerged at the dedication, Master Gardeners' in-kind contribution received repeated appreciation as a proactive organization in the community.
Participating Master Gardeners were Sally Hausken, Leslie Holen, Heather Ettlinger, DMae Ceryes, and Alice Wenzel.


Our annual plant sale was a huge success in spite of the cool weather. We held it at our new location, the city park. This is our only fund raising project for the year


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Lakes Homes, Lake Region Garden Club and Master Gardeners co-hosted the Gardening workshop featuring Melinda Myers a well known author & Ken Beattie, Assiniboine Park Horticulturist and author. Both speakers were outstanding.
Melindas books were on sale and she held a book signing. Tom Reiffenberger (BCMG) put the whole day together. Residents of Lakes Homes were on hand to make newspaper containers and give away a coleus to each attendee. Georgia Reiffenberger provided a delicious lunch and snacks throughout the day. Renee Zok (BCMG) and her husband built the roof top garden bird feeders and houses as door prizes. It was a wonderful gardening day enjoyed by all.