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Crow Wing County Master Gardeners are great speakers!

Master Gardeners in Crow Wing County offer public presentations on many different horticulture-related topics.

Your group can request a Master Gardener to present at your meeting, program or any event where there is an audience eager to learn about gardening.

The public presentations offered by Crow Wing County Master Gardeners are scheduled through the Program County Coordinator. Normal scheduling requires at least two weeks advanced notice. Every effort will be made to find a speaker for every request received but please keep in mind that Master Gardeners are volunteers. Usually an honorarium is suggested for a public presentation. Please call the Program County Coordinator for additional information regarding honorarium.


If your group in Crow Wing County is interested in requesting a public presentation by a Crow Wing County Master Gardener please contact Jackie Froemming, Program County Coordinator at (218)824-1068 or at froem022@umn.edu.

Presentation Topics

Summer Bulbs
Growing, Storing and Enjoying Dahlias

Container Gardening

Growing Perennials
Growing Hardy Roses Up North
Alliums - Too Pretty for the Vegetable Garden - New in 2015
Two Old-fashioned Favorites: Peonies and Clematis - New in 2015
Hydrangeas - New in 2015

Ornamental Grasses
Exploring Unique Aesthetics of Ornamental Grasses



Growing Vegetables
Victory Gardens
Gardening Small: Veggies in Pots
Gardening Small: Veggies in Raised Beds
Edible Landscaping
Lessons Learned on the Farm: Companion and Succession Planting
Growing Great Tomatoes
Growing Great Vegetables
Straw Bale Gardening
Heirloom Vegetables
Growing and Using More Greens
Cool Weather Crops: Asparagus and Rhubarb - NEW in 2015
Vegetable Gardening 101 - NEW in 2015
Container Gardening: Vegetables - New in 2015
Growing and Storing Root Vegetables - NEW in 2015

Basic Herbs Gardening
Know Your Herbs and How to Use Them
Growing Herbs Indoors
The Wonderful World of Herbs - NEW in 2015

Lawn Care

Color Coordinating
Designing Perennial Gardens
Planning the Perfect Garden
Selecting the Perfect Plants for Your Small Gardens - NEW in 2015

Rain Gardens
Lakeshore Restoration
Mulch Matters
Kids Can Compost Too!
Landscaping for Wildlife

Master Gardener Program
Weekend Gardener: Horticulture for Busy People
Butterfly Gardening
Starting Plants from Seeds
Starting Seeds Indoor
Deer Deterrents
Oh Dear, Deer!
Shade Gardening
Growing and Using Gourds
Aquatic Plants
Slides of Beautiful Gardens
Spring Garden Preparation / Maintenance
Fall Garden Preparation / Maintenance
The Beekeeper's Garden
Photographing Your Garden
Edible Flowers
Gardening Tips for Almost Every Letter
Holiday Pizzazz - Using Plants in Your Holiday Decor
Age is No Excuse, Get Out and Garden
The Art of the Kitchen Garden
Build Your Own Terrarium
Frugal Gardening
Create the Beauty, Month by Month
Seed Saving Tips
No Deer! Not My Garden Tonight
"Lemons" for Your Kitchen Garden
City Chickens: Keeping a Backyard Flock
Beginner Gardening: How to Get Started
Fairy Gardens >
Introduction to Asexual Plant Propagation
The Moon Garden
Miniature Gardens
Garden Tools
Unwanted Garden Visitors
Colorful Pots All Season Long
Go Wild for Monarchs
Guide to Foraging in the Forest and Fall Outdoor Decor
Guide to Foraging in the Forest and Winter Outdoor Decor - NEW in 2015
Flower Gardening 101 - New in 2015
Woodland Plants - New in 2015
Container Gardening: Flowers - New in 2015
Garden Myths - NEW in 2015
An Invitation to the Garden: How to Create the Perfect Setting for Entertaining - NEW in 2015
Welcome to the Shady Garden - NEW in 2015
Wild Edibles - NEW in 2015
Good Bugs, Bad Bugs - NEW in 2015