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Become a Goodhue County Master Gardener

Those who have gardening talents they would like to share with other residents of Goodhue County are being sought for the Master Gardener program sponsored by University of Minnesota Extension.

The Master Gardener program is an educational program designed to train volunteers to help others in their communities with horticulture. The 2012 Master Gardener Core Course will be held at the University of MN -- St. Paul Campus and online. A total of 48 hours of education, this class is taught by University of Minnesota extension educators and faculty. Some of the topics included in the core course will be: entomology, herbaceous plants, trees and shrubs, indoor plants, integrated pest management, lawn care, fruits and vegetables.

Upon completion of the Master Gardener program, each Master Gardener is required to complete an internship of 50 hours of volunteer time the first year, and 25 hours of volunteer time in following years. These volunteer hours can be achieved in a variety of ways including presentations and community service projects.

For more information, please contact, U of MN Extension Goodhue County, 651-385-3100 or 1-800-385-3101.

Join us!

A love of gardening, a search for knowledge and a desire to share that knowledge with others is central to why people join the Master Gardener program. They remain Master Gardeners to enjoy the friendship of others who share their interests, to gain and share research-based horticultural knowledge and to give back to the community through their volunteer commitment.

If combining your passion for people and plants sounds appealing, you may be a good Master Gardener candidate. A formal education in horticulture isn’t necessary—we will provide the training and resources to help you teach others. There are five steps to becoming a Master Gardener – each step is described in more detail below.

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Why I Like Being a U of MN Master Gardener

Find out why University of Minnesota Master Gardeners like what they do!

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