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Our New Website


The Goodhue County Master Gardeners have a new website at goodhuemastergardeners.org. We have new gardening articles, a calendar with gardening events all around the region and lots of other timely information for Minnesota gardeners.

For more information on how to become a Goodhue County Master Gardener, please visit our new webpage or call the Extension Office at 651-385-3100.

Battling Buckthorn on Your Property

David Velasquez, Goodhue County Master Gardener Intern

Buckthorn is designated as a restricted, noxious weed in Minnesota. So why is it so pervasive on my property and the property of so many landowners? Originally buckthorn was imported as an ornamental. Most Minnesota nurseries have voluntarily stopped selling this tree because of its ability to escape cultivation, which is the issue. When uncontrolled, buckthorn can form dense thickets in forests, yards, parks, and roadsides. It will crowd out native plants and displace the native shrubs and small trees in the mid-layer of the forest where many species of birds normally nest. It is important for property owners to recognize and remove buckthorn in order to protect their local environment.

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Managing Japanese Beetles

Terry L. Yockey, Goodhue County Master Gardener

Last season Japanese Beetles invaded Minnesota in a big way and unfortunately now that they have arrived, they are here to stay. Though they are fairly new to Minnesota, the first transplanted Japanese beetle was found in a New Jersey nursery in 1916. As the name implies they are native to Japan where they have several natural enemies that keep their population in check. Here in the U.S., however, Japanese beetles continue to spread to new areas every year and have become a highly destructive plant pest.

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Growing Caladiums in Your Shade Garden

Bob Jacobus, Goodhue County Master Gardener Intern

Bring excitement to your shade gardens with flamboyant splashes of color by planting bulblike tubers of "Fancy Leaf" Caladiums among your Hosta and Fern plants. Gorgeous hues of red, pink, and white heart shaped leaves move gracefully in the breeze bringing your shade garden to life.

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Be a Buckthorn Buster Video

Goodhue County Master Gardener Terry L. Yockey describes buckthorn and why you need to remove this very invasive plant from your property.

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Plant a Row for the Hungry

The Goodhue County Master Gardeners and the Red Wing Farmers Market joined forces with the Red Wing Area Food Shelf to implement the "Plant a Row for the Hungry" program in 2008 and it couldn't be going better. Craig Anderson, a RW Area Food Shelf volunteer, reports that the Food Shelf averaged over 200 pounds of donated fresh produce per week last season and we hope to do even better in 2010.

View our PSA video on Plant a Row for the Hungry.

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Borrow a Weed Wrench and Be a Buckthorn Buster

Terry L. Yockey, Goodhue County Master Gardener

Why should you find and remove all buckthorn from your yard and gardens?

Let's start with why buckthorn is so destructive. Buckthorn produces berries with zillions of seeds that are eaten and then dispersed by the birds. The seeds germinate easily and then become zillions of baby buckthorns that soon grow into thickets of buckthorn that choke out all the existing native shrubs and other vegetation including the chokeberries, serviceberries and high-bush cranberries (Viburnums) that feed the birds and other fauna.

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Oak Wilt in Goodhue County

Unfortunately, Goodhue County is one of the oak wilt "hot spots" in Minnesota.
What is oak wilt and what can you do to prevent it from spreading to your neighborhood

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New Discovery Garden

Several Goodhue County Master Gardeners worked on the new Discovery Garden at Colvill Park in Red Wing, MN. The Discovery Garden is the last phase of the Universal Playground Project . Find out more about our new garden at www.discoverygarden.info.

Free Tree Publication

Download the free publication "The Value of Trees" from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum that includes how to plant a tree, taking care of trees, 50 terrific trees for Minnesota, and much more.

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