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Master Gardeners of Renville County

Master Gardeners of Renville County

What do Master Gardeners do in Renville County?


    The mission of the Master Gardener program is to teach others in the community about horticulture. In Renville County, there are 12 active Master Gardeners who volunteer several hundred hours per year.

  • Publish a monthly Garden Gatherings newsletter February - September. To subscribe to the email newsletter contact the University of Minnesota Extension Service Office at mnext-renville@umn.edu.


  • Maintain a Facebook page.  Our address on Facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/EMGRenCo

  • Maintain flower gardens at the Renville County Fairgrounds. During the county fair plants are labeled. Also have an information booth in the Horticulture Building during County Fair.

  • Each year the group chooses a different theme and that is used at the County Fair booth. Themes in the past have included: cooking with herbs, uncommon plants, heirloom plants, decorating Christmas trees naturally, succulents.

  • Master Gardeners are available to answer horticulture questions and give presentations to groups.

Have a Gardening Question?

If you've got questions, we've got answers! Here are several ways you can easily access yard and garden information.

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About Master Gardeners in Renville County

Educating people where they live and work about horticulture

Master Gardeners are University of Minnesota-trained volunteers whose job is to educate the public about a variety of horticulture subjects using readily-available, up-to-date research-based information. This educational effort is designed to enhance the public's quality of life and to promote good stewardship of the environment.

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Be a Master Gardener in Renville Co.

Join Us!

A love of gardening, a search for knowledge and a desire to share that knowledge with others is central to why people join the Master Gardener program. They remain Master Gardeners to enjoy the friendship of others who share their interests, to gain and share research-based horticultural knowledge and to give back to the community through their volunteer commitment.

If combining your passion for people and plants sounds appealing, you may be a good Master Gardener candidate. A formal education in horticulture isn't necessary--we will provide the training and resources to help you teach others.

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"Garden Gatherings" Newsletter

The Renville County Master Gardeners publish a newsletter the months of February - September each year.  The newsletter includes timely gardening information for USDA Zone 4 appropriate.


May 2015 "Garden Gatherings" May 2015.pdf

April 2015 "Garden Gatherings" April 2015.pdf

March 2015 "Garden GatheringsMarch 2015.pdf

February 2015 "Garden Gatherings" Newsletter February 2015.pdf

September "Garden Gatherings" Newsletter September 2014.pdf




To subscribe to the email newsletter contact the University of Minnesota Extension Service Office at mnext-renville@umn.edu.