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Master Gardeners of Sherburne County

Master Gardeners of Sherburne County

Pollinator Garden

Located west of the Elk River Library along the sidewalk, and across from the city hall complex on Orono Parkway in Elk River, MN.

You are invited to visit this special garden that was design just for pollinators! It was developed in 2008 with funds from a University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Grant. Designed by a Sherburne County Master Gardener volunteer and installed with the help of other Sherburne County Master Gardeners.

The purpose of this special garden is to increase public awareness of the importance of pollinators in our lives and provide a learning environment to view them. Plants include native and hybrid perennials, bi-annuals, annual, and herbs. All have been selected because they provide nectar or are host plants to the many pollinators we see in Minnesota, including bees and wasps (they do over 80% of our pollinating), butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds. For example, the milkweed plants provide both nectar and are host to the Monarch butterfly caterpillar.

The plants are symmetrical in keeping with the butterfly design, with labels on the right giving the common name and on the left, the Latin name. Some are in bloom this season, while others will bloom as they mature over the next couple of years. As you visit, watch for evidence of pollinators in action.

PollinatorGardenpic1.jpg Year one view after planting.

PollinatorGardenpic2.jpgYear two view.

PollinatorGardenpic3.jpgClose-up view.