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The Exquisite Book: The International Library by Helmut Löhr, et al.

"The Exquisite Book features selections from Helmut Löhr’s ongoing project, The International Library. For this project, Löhr created a series of altered books with their torn pages on the outside and their covers on the inside, and sent them to a number of artist-collaborators around the globe who were charged with further transforming them and returning them to Löhr. The Exquisite Book features collaborations with such internationally renowned artists as Lawrence Weiner, Buzz Spector, and Doug Beube. Also featured are several Twin Cities-based artists including James Conaway, Harriet Bart, and Nancy Randall.

"The Exquisite Book considers these objects in the contexts of both book art and collaborative art practices. The production of handmade and altered books became an important part of an alternative art world in the 1960s. Mail art, characterized by the transferring of works by post, and collaborative art were closely related experimental practices. The International Library is an example of the intersection of these creative and social impulses.

"The Exquisite Book is presented in conjunction with area altered-book workshops, exhibitions, and programs in spring 2008, including an altered-book exhibition at the Central branch of the Minneapolis Public Library, and the Public Library Association’s annual conference, to be held this year in Minneapolis."

Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum
333 East River Road, Minneapolis
December 8, 2007 - March 30, 2008