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Friday, May 15, 2009

Cirrostratus cover, breeze from the south. A few mallards on the lake, more swallows over it; sparrows, grackle; an unidentified pair fly and perch like small hawks. Many pink honeysuckle bushes coming into bloom, along with other bushes and low-growing plants, including Virginia waterleaf, which was one of the first plants to green up the creek side in the spring, and has begun to flower this week; and impressive stands of large-flowered bellwort in the woods along the sourthern and western banks. Dandelions are more conspicuous, in the open, if not more abundant; violets still flourishing. Creek barely an inch deep in places, current in pools hardly perceptible.

National Weather Service
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Lat: 44.89 Lon: -93.22 Elev: 834
Last Update on May 15, 5:53 pm CDT
63 °F
(17 °C)
Humidity: 70 %
Wind Speed: S 14 MPH
Barometer: 29.77" (1008.0 mb)
Dewpoint: 53 °F (12 °C)
Visibility: 10.00 mi.