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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mixed sky: cirrus, cirrostratus, stratus, cumulus, patches of blue; thin sun. Slight breeze from the south. Both beaches busy, like the paths. Kayaker, fisherman in a boat, a canoe, one flagging sailboat. Cottonwood seeds continue to drift down. Mallards near the southwest inlet; red-winged blackbird; great blue heron standing near a sand bar, his back to the shore. Shelves of millefoil and algae getting broader and thicker along large stretches of the shoreline. Two geese and several goslings coast along one edge of the weeds at the east. A large, blue, triangular open box hangs like an piñata from a small green ash along the path—a trap for emerald ash borers.

National Weather Service
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Lat: 44.89 Lon: -93.22 Elev: 834
Last Update on Jun 14, 4:53 pm CDT
Mostly Cloudy
81 °F
(27 °C)
Humidity: 30 %
Wind Speed: S 7 MPH
Barometer: 29.97" (1014.3 mb)
Dewpoint: 47 °F (8 °C)
Heat Index: 80 °F (27 °C)
Visibility: 10.00 mi.