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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cumulus streets thickening to cumulostratus; good breeze from the south. Light use of the beaches. Six sailboats working the breeze; one red canoe; one boat. Mallards along the south shore and elsewhere; wood duck and duckings in the weeds near the south shore. Blackbird on small tree in island near the inlet. Ten geese, adult and adolescent, trimming grass along the western shore. Muskrat swims into a hole in the retaining wall. Plastic brontosaurus, maybe ten feet tall, is an unusual sight and yet at home among the weeds along the western shore.

National Weather Service
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Lat: 44.89 Lon: -93.22 Elev: 834
Last Update on Jul 9, 3:53 pm CDT
79 °F
(26 °C)
Humidity: 54 %
Wind Speed: S 12 MPH
Barometer: 29.94" (1013.5 mb)
Dewpoint: 61 °F (16 °C)
Heat Index: 80 °F (27 °C)
Visibility: 10.00 mi.