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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

(Server down; delayed posting.) Gray sky in layers, breeze from the south. Swimmers at both beaches and on diving platform. Ducks and ducklings along the south shore; fishermen fishing from the shore. Fishing boat on the water; an anchored sailboat riding on its side. Distress call from lone duckling close to north shore; a cluster of mallards hunched down on the low short dock beyond earshot, being captured on a photographer's cell phone.

National Weather Service
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Lat: 44.89 Lon: -93.22 Elev: 834
Last Update on Jun 19, 8:53 pm CDT
Mostly Cloudy
87 °F
(31 °C)
Humidity: 55 %
Wind Speed: S 16 G 25 MPH
Barometer: 29.62" (1002.4 mb)
Dewpoint: 69 °F (21 °C)
Heat Index: 91 °F (33 °C)
Visibility: 10.00 mi.