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The University of Wisconsin-Superior’s production of The Memory Of Water which was directed by Cathy A. Frank premiered on November 15th at the UWS Theater. The story about three sisters that are brought together by the recent death of their mother in which they are forced to spend some time together all the while sharing similar memories in which they all view differently.
The set of the play was one that did not change throughout the play but still was an important part of the play. One interesting thing about the set is that it is the bedroom of their late mother. The set featured a rendition of an old widow’s bedroom with her old wardrobe still hung with late 80’s dresses and old metalwork frame around the bed. The entire play the three sisters bicker to one another when conversing about their mother, all while sitting in her room. Also the floor of the set consisted of childhood photos that were associated with the actors in the play. This was a cool element in a way that it gave the audience a sense that the actors on stage truly did grow up together and were sisters.
The actors in the play I believe performed greatly. All three characters differed a lot in personalities but still seemed to relate well together and seem like a dysfunctional family. One character that stood-out well to me was the youngest sister Catherine played by Hannah Fiedler. Her character was one of that drama-queen, spoiled, younger sister everyone knows. The ups and downs of the emotions of her character was pulled off flawlessly by Hannah and her character was quite funny.
One thing that surprised me most of the production was the overall laughs that were generated by the audience. The script featured many punchlines and the characters often teamed-up and poked fun at the remaining sister. The strong cast allowed for this play to be also funny but at the same time deliver a strong message about the relationship with family and memories.

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